Nike Weightlifting Shoes Review

Weightlifting shoes Nike gives you the extra push during the weightlifting time. With the latest footwear technology and as per the modern mindset of lifters the shoes are designed. Due to a variety of fabric used in shoes, it gives you multiple color options. Thick strap made up of nylon, and Flywire technology gives you extra security by keeping your foot locked-down. The added comfort and strength of the heel is due to the honeycomb patterned TPU plate.

If we talk about overall and general construction of Nike weightlifting shoes, then the heel of the shoe is made up of heat wrapped fabric. Synthetic leather material on the toe with mesh featured on the upper part to ensure that fabric can allow the moisture vapor to be transferred through the material. The two interchangeable soles can use for competition as well as training. The outsole of the shoe is of rubber for excellent traction and providing stability during weight lifting. Nike shoes for weightlifting are hybrid shoes that are comfortable, agile and light in weight.

Nike weightlifting shoes are always a great choice for the lifters as it gives a good amount of stability and security to your feet when you find your weightlifting session challenging. The soles of the shoes can be switched between soft and firm as per your requirement. The firm support is useful when you pick the deadlifting as it requires security and additional grip. The foot straps give you additional security and stable foot position. All over it is the best option to pick for your moderate to heavy gym session of weightlifting.