Best Weightlifting Shoes For Men

To choose which type of shoes you have to pick for lift is one of the tougher decision of your life. Weightlifting shoes for men are nowadays more popular among all sportsperson to improve their ability to perform best. Out of many choices, it is always tough to pick the best weightlifting shoes men.

Lifting shoes have some additional benefits like the stability, feedback and support mobility. They have composed of multiple features, and every shoe model is slightly different for other and individual for an athlete.

The five main shoe characteristics can make a difference in a normal pair of shoes. The major players for best weightlifting shoes for men are shoe heel height, lacing/strapping, and type.

Why Choose Best Lifting Shoes For Men?

Elevated Heels
The elevated heel and a stable base give mobility and support when lifter sits back. While moving heavy weight, a stable and slick foot is must needed, and elevated heels do the same. It helps the wearer to lift more weight.

The height of the heel can range from 0.3 inches to 1 inch. Each lifter chooses the different size that works best for them. And it also depends on the sport and body structure also. Through a variety of position support the person to move weight with proper posture angles.

Lacing and Strapping System
Those who choose the best lifting shoes men’s for security concerns, shoe straps and acing is a big deal for them. You can find BOA, single and double lacing or straps on weightlifting shoes. Each has a different level of safety measures for a different area of the foot. Double straps and BOA lacing are best for maximum security, but single straps are not lagged, it also gives safety to the foot but at less extent.

Type of Heel
Regular sneakers are not ideal for lifting the weight. Weightlifting shoes for men heels divided into four categories: EVA, TPU, wood and stacked leather. Each has different size, stability level, feel and performance. The heel selection depends on the athlete.

EVA Heel is generally Lightweight, and somewhat compressible and durable. TPU Heel is resistant to compression and abrasion, but again it is lightweight. Stacked Leather Heel and wood heel have a little old appearance, but they are lightweight and provide platform feedback. The wood heel gives the lifter stable base. With specific reason, a different type of heel is chosen by the wearer.

Research of weightlifting shoes for men

Like other interesting topics, weightlifting shoes also studied for various prospects like modern design, elevated heel and its effect on performance, weight shifting on other parts of the body, etc.,

After the proper research, researchers suggested that weightlifting can change the foot angle but do not change the thigh angle so if the companies try to design shoes in such a way that it can reduce forward torso lean or increase knee extensor activation.